DardaCats: A Fun Family Game for Managing Big Messy Feelings!

Take turns helping DardaCat manage its big feelings and uncover the deeper parts of your child along the way.

Find out what makes them sad, scared or angry, what keeps them up at night and what calms them down, while singing, acting and telling stories. 


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Playing not Parenting

DardaCats is an effortless emotional learning game for parents to bond and be silly with their children.

It is so much fun that you won’t even realize that the entire family is connecting deeply, problem-solving and having tough conversations with ease.

DardaCat: The Puppet
Players can express themselves
more freely when talking through
a DardaCat puppet. It is not the
player being vulnerable; it's the

The Feelings & Action Dice
These 2 dice prompt players 
to explore big feelings & suggest
simple ways to manage them. 
Just throw the dice & see what
happens next.

Everyday Life Situations
Players can alternate between 
everyday life situations. Struggling
with school bullying? Use the school
board. Dealing with fear of the
doctor? Use the hospital. 

A Short Game Designed with Drama Therapists, Child & Play Therapists.

  • Explore 6 feelings safely:
    Sad, Scared, Hyper, Worried, Bored, and Angry.

  • Problem-solve in 5 everyday life situations: 
    School, Home, Park, Hospital, Airport.
  • Discover 40 self-care strategies, and find out what calms your child down.
  • Cooperate & win or lose together as a family.

How to Play

DardaCat is having a tough day :( 
Take turns helping it express & manage its big feelings.



Throw the dice to know what
DardaCat is feeling


Sing, copycat or tell a story to help
DardaCat manage its feelings.


Place a token in
DardaCat's thought bubble.

Families Love DardaCats


“We got to bond in a different way. What
we got to do is talk about emotions, &
that’s something we don’t usually get to
do in a fun way. The bonding was nice. 
It didn’t feel like learning. It felt like
playing, it was nice.”

Mother of 2
3 & 4-year-old girls

“I loved that it was an opportunity for him
to recollect these scenarios & to release
emotions. We don’t talk about these
things in specifics, so it was insightful
for me to know what his
thoughts were.”

Mother of 2 
5-year-old boy & 2-year-old girl

“It’s almost like this DardaCat gives
them the right to remove
whatever filter they want. He’s more
honest.  If he wants to act more
creatively, he can because it’s the
DardaCat, not him. He wants to do
something that’s silly, he can because
it’s the DardaCat and not him. ”

Mother of 2 
1 & 6-year-old boys

"I loved the engagement I had with
Martha during the game, as well as the
fun side. Martha laughed a lot at
everything that was happening. I loved
listening to her stories, and the fact that
the game triggered that in her.

It’s truly a 100% a family activity.“

Mother of 1
5-year-old girl

For children ages 3+ and their parents too! 

We set out to create a game with 3 objectives in mind:

  1. Being simple: Feelings are complicated enough, so let's make sure exploring them isn’t.

  2. Being safe: We worked closely with child specialists and co-created with families to build a game that offers a safe space for players to bond.

  3. Being silly: The game must leave room for players to let go of their inhibitions and have fun together!


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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!